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Twitching in your sleep

Have you ever been just on the verge of falling asleep and a massive twitch or a “hypnic jerk” as they’re called, almost made you fall out of your seat and you had to look around to make sure nobody saw? I distinctly remember waking myself up with one that practically felt like a seizure while taking a nap in my car at work on a hot summer day during a lunch break. When I woke up I looked two cars over and there was a coworker trying to stifle a laugh but not doing a very good job. This isn’t exactly travel related except that it always seems to happen to me in public like on an airplane or in an airport… no bueno! Anyway’s I just read this article on the science behind it and thought I’d share it.

HANWAG Boots – Authentic double stitched hiking and mountaineering boots


Hanwag double-stitched Tashi

Omega GTX

BERGLER – Authentic, double-stitched boot for mountain hiking


HANWAG was started in 1921 near Munich Germany. The company has now expanded to Croatia, Hungary, Romania and still produces the double stitched boot and mountain boots at its headquarters near Munich. So if you’re considering a quality European made boot for hiking or mountaineering take a look at these while you’re considering your standard Asolo, Lowa, Scarpa, and one of my personal favorites Zamberlan which I’ll talk about some other time. Keep Roaming

Mukluks- That’s Canadian for warm


Today I was walking with a pretty young lady and she was wearing some pretty funny looking boots which made me think of these pretty cool boots. Mukluks are the Eskimo version of moccasins. Formerly aboriginal people from the Arctic regions would make these kinds of boots out of sealskin or reindeer hide. When describing these I think Flo-Rida said it best “Boots with the fur.” And guys don’t think they are just for women. They have some pretty manly options like moosehide and coyote fur (it doesn’t get too much manlier than that). That said pretty lady told me today that I must be thinking in songs so it’s only fitting that I point out that both Nancy Sinatra and Jessica Simpson depending on which generation you’re from had it right in describing these also, “These boots are made for walking” Especially if it’s cold or snowing out! So if you’re looking for something more fun to wear or if say you have a birthday coming up this would be a perfect gift. I mean if my birthday was right around the corner I know I wouldn’t mind getting a pair of these to go stomping around the snow in (I would definitely opt for the coyote fur non pom-pom version).  


Travel agent or online search engine?


Before you go too crazy checking Orbitz, Travelocity, Kayak or my new favorite Google Flights and the like read this article on the old school approach of the tried and true travel agent.

North Face Verto Micro Hoodie


North Face Verto Micro Hoodie.

Going off to climb in the local Ice Park? If you need a super lightweight but warm jacket look no further. This hoodie has 800-fill goose down and is compressible and stuffs into it’s own pocket. – See more at:


Trip of the day- Ouray Ice Park


The Ouray Ice Park in Ouray Colorado. Ouray is approx 300 miles Southwest of Denver. This is a man made ice park that’s owned and managed by the City of Ouray together in cooperation with public and private landowners. The Ice park is free and open to the public, so get your ice axe and crampons ready. If you would like to try out the Ice Park but don’t know where to start, check out one of the local guiding services. The cost is about 300.00-400.00 for a two day intro course including equipment. Here’s a list of some local guides 

Trip of the Day- Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island is located off the island of Phuket in Thailand. If your geography is like mine and it’s a little fuzzy when it comes to Southeast Asia just think of China on the North and Malaysia and Singapore to the South. Plus there is always Google Maps. The best time to go is during the dry season which just so happens to be November to March. So if you’re from the Northern Hemisphere and need a break from the cold this would be a nice break.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao-Tzu


Since every journey starts with a single step, I try to get my journeys and adventures started off on the right foot… With Coffee! Trung Nguyen Premium is a Vietnamese blend that has a great flavor. After reading about the coffee and trying it recently, I think I know what the difference is. To start it is a dark roast, but compared to traditional methods they use a lower temperature over a longer period off time. Secondly they use a “butter oil” in the roasting process and it has an added flavor of cocoa which is very subtle but in my opinion makes the difference in how great this coffee tastes. If you’re looking for something different give this a try. carries it and if you have a local Asian mart they will probably have it too, but at a much cheaper price.