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Trip of the day – Silo City Rocks Buffalo NY

Silo City Buffalo NY

Silo City Rocks – Rock Climbing Center

Silo City kayak tours by BFLO Harbor Kayak

City of Night Festival 2012

Silo City Buffalo NY – I recently saw a cool article over at about a project to turn old grain silos into a rock climbing center in Buffalo NY. By far one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen in a while. Make sure to check out their Indiegogo fundraising video which gives a great summary of what they’re trying to do by revitalizing the whole area. On the homepage they mention that they wanted to turn this into an experience or place to go “do things”, not just another area to go “buy things”. After doing a little more research it turns out not only do you have the Silo City Rocks Climbing area, but there are also kayak tours of the riverfront area by BFLO Harbor Kayak , arts and music festivals like the City of Night festival they had in 2012, and the upcoming Silo City Boom Days that’s coming up in April 2013. I really hope they get all the funding they need because this is an awesome cause.

Trip of the day – Maldives


Ari Atoll- Maldives

Maldives – Haven’t been there yet, but it definitely might be going on my bucket list. The Maldives islands are located in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It sounds like the easiest way to get there from the USA is via the West Coast to Singapore, then catch a connecting flight to the Male which is the capital city. One of the bummers I came across was the lack of freedom to explore the different Islands once you get there if you’re traveling without a tour group or resort, so make sure to plan ahead if you want to see more than one of the islands. I found 4 great sources of info listed below.


Fodor’s forum

Frommer’s forum

Estwing Axe

Sportsmans’s Axe

Estwing Black Eagle

Estwing Axe– For all you campers looking for tools that are still made in America this is for you. If you check the amazon estwing axe reviews you’ll notice it gets a 4.7 out of 5 stars with a total of 150+ reviews. When I was younger my friends dad had one of the smaller estwing hatchets, and I can say from personal experience that the first thing you notice is how good it feels in your hand, and the fact that its blade is a lot thinner than your average axe due to the forged handle. That thinness in no way seems to make it less durable but definitely makes it cut really deep into whatever kind of wood you happen to be cutting. On the flip side, with it being a thinner blade it’s not quite as good for splitting. The number one gripe from people after reading through the reviews seems to be the leather handle and the blade not always coming as sharp as possible. So easiest fix, is to stick to the rubber handles, and learn how to properly sharpen an axe or knife , or if you just gravitate towards the leather handle make sure to read this link on some great maintenance advice. If you happen to need some help in the sharpening dept, make sure to look at Carter Cutlery’s sharpening videos on youtube.. he’s been known to shave with a spoon. 


Trip of the day- Spartan Race

SHOW UP! SIGN UP. DON'T GIVE UP! Sign up for a Reebok Spartan Race!

What Will You Conquer in 2013? Take on a Reebok Spartan Race! I’ve been reading up on all the different extreme obstacle courses, such as Tough Mudder , Warrior Dash and the upcoming Colorado Spartan Sprint on May4th and 5th which is located in our great state. And of course being the researcher that I am, I wanted to see what the difference was between them all. I stumbled across this forum of people who ran both the Tough Mudder, and the Spartan Race, and I think it probably gives the best all around picture. Overall the Tough Mudder is great fun but not very challenging. If you don’t believe me on the not too challenging part, make sure and read this article on how a chubby (27% fat) journalist from Guycodeblog ,with no earlier training, conquered it with just a little help from some beer. Where as the Spartan Race is definitely a little more difficult sounding. The Spartan sprint race, like the one here in Colorado, only has about a 70% completion rate and the Death Race they put on, only has a 10% completion rate!! Personally I say anything that gets you off the couch and outdoors is worth doing, but I’d be more inclined to go for the Spartan Race due to the challenge. Oh and last thing, over at Outside Magazine they have these great tips for first timers.

Top ten Spartan Race tips

Top ten Tough Mudder tips

Fiskars axe

Fiskars X7 14

Fiskars Axe– I’m already starting to get my list of camping gear ready for spring, and this might be on it.  My friend was just telling me about this Fiskars axe which he bought the other day. If you’re thinking that it looks like a Gerber Axe, then you’re right. They’re both produced by Fiskars, which is the parent company of Gerber. Just a little side note from doing a little research, it seems like most of the Gerber axes and the Fiskars axes are made in Finland with the exception of the Gerber axes that have the combo of a saw or knife in the handle which are made in Taiwan. Once my friend has put this axe through it’s paces, I’ll post an update and personal review. Until then,  I’ll have to go off the Amazon fiskars axe reviews which have this little wood chucker at 4.5 stars out of 5 with over 199 reviews total, so you know it’s got to be pretty decent.

Trip of the day – Aspen Snowmass

Snowmass Aspen

Snowmass- Nice Powder

Snowmass Village by night

One lift ticket gets you access to 4 great mountains, Snowmass, Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk. An adult lift ticket now will run you about 122.00. The number one ranked hotel out of 17 others in Snowmass, is the Viceroy Snowmass luxury mountain resort. Just make sure to check the Aspen Snowmass snow report before heading up if possible.

Smith Vantage Helmet

Smith Vantage Helmet

I was thinking about getting a new snowboarding helmet recently after hearing a friend of mine tell me how she cracked open her dome on a tree a while back. I noticed this helmet on After researching all the helmets this one had the most reviews(38) and the highest ranking of five stars. On top of all that, it’s kind of hard to go wrong when backcountry has a 100% complete satisfaction guarantee for life, and also a price match guarantee, plus free shipping on orders over 50.00. That’s the kind of guarantee I like… Not just talk.