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Trip of the day – Phoksundo Lake

Phoksundo Lake

Phoksundo Lake – The other day I was eating at Sherpa House in Golden CO with my favorite Nepalese girl in the world.. and she pointed out a poster with this place on the wall.  This lake is located in the Shey Phoksundo National Park, in the district of Dolpo which is the largest district in Nepal. Phoksundo Lake is not only beautiful but also happens to be the deepest lake in Nepal and is classified as an oligotrophic lake (click here for the definition of Oligotrophic). If you’re interested in seeing more of the Dolpo area you can check out the movie “Himalaya” over at netflix.

Best travel backpack in the world?

Berghaus Jalan II


Oakley Backpack

What is the best travel backpack in the world in your opinion for traveling? I just read this article talking about the Berghaus Jalan II at . Personally I just came back from a month in Spain where all I used was an old medium sized Oakley bag and it worked pretty good. The main thing I loved about it, is that it doesn’t have a frame so it’s easy to fold up and squish into the overhead compartment in planes.. speaking of that, on this last trip I didn’t have to check my bag once, and it was by far the best experience I’ve had travel wise, not having to wait or wonder if my bag was going to show up in the baggage claim. My friend took a larger bag and did have to check his, so technically I guess I did have to wait, but even he said after watching me just breeze through all the gates and terminals and no waiting that he would go that route next time as well if he could manage to pack light enough.

So if you happen to have a favorite bag or know of a better one that you have your eye on be sure and let me know!



Tissot T-Touch II

Tissot T-Touch II

Tissot T-Touch II – Sure your Iphone or Android phone can tell time and do a lot of other things but can it look this good while doing it? And can you go diving down to 330 ft. with your cell phone? I’m pretty sure most men and women would agree that for now there will always be a place for a nice watch on your wrist. This isn’t the flashiest watch like say a Breitling, but it doesn’t look as utilitarian as say a Casio Pathfinder either. This watch definitely seems like the best of both worlds to me, considering it’s rugged construction out of Titanium, and it’s Sapphire crystal glass face, all while having the functionality of a compass, altimeter, and of course telling the time. 


Travel shirt for men 2013


100 day shirt challenge

Travel shirt for men 2013 – Well if any of you have been reading my other articles, you’ll remember that I wrote about a test for an Icebreaker merino wool T-Shirt that was worn for two weeks straight with no washing which was pretty amazing to me… Well this story/ product is even more amazing. The company Wool & Prince took it to the extreme and tested one of their new wool shirt designs by wearing it for 100 days solid with no washing. I’m not sure if I’d want to sit next to that guy on the bus, but they claim it was not too much the worse for wear. If you don’t believe me read about the 100 day shirt challenge here or watch their Kickstarter video here. Now the bad news is that after all the hype and reading the article and watching their video  I wanted to go buy the shirt now, but apparently it’ll be at least November before they get their first shipment in from their suppliers. In the mean time there is always the Icebreaker line of clothes which are just as functional for the outdoor enthusiast,  just maybe not as cool or as fitting for the office or business traveler as these button downs are.