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Packing light – one bag one world

Packing light

Here’s another great article I recently ran across. Thanks to my Mom for finding it!! This guy has some great info on packing light. Check out the full article at

He mentions that he uses the Black Diamond Sonar Pack, and I looked into it, and really like it. I found a cool review for it here I would say after traveling with my Oakley bag that I love the smaller bags. I would also say one of the key things to look for in any backpack for travel, is a full access zip panel like the one mentioned that gives you access to almost the whole main compartment. Nothing worse then needing something at the bottom of your bag if it’s a top loading only bag.

For the whole packing light movement, make sure to check out  which also has some great resources.

Also here’s a link to a previous post of a youtube video for a guy that uses only one bag for a 6 month trip to Europe

Packing light for women

Great info for packing light for women. I can completely vouch that it’s the best way to go.  Personally I’ve traveled to Europe, starting when I was 21. I still remember the first time when I was a total noob, it was a 2 month trip, and I took two full suitcases and a backpack.  6 years later I now go with one smaller backpack that I can carry everywhere I go without checking any luggage. I can definitely say that not lugging a bunch of bags makes traveling way easier and more fun, plus it opens up more opportunities for spontaneous activities since you never really have to worry about what to do with all the bags.

Travel tip for Italy

Travel tip for Italy. Don’t leave your wallet on the table in front of you! I did that for a second and a gypsy stopped by my table to sell me flowers by stuffing them in my face.. Only for me to realize later that my wallet was gone, never to be seen again. Moral of the story? Dont stop to smell the roses in Italy!

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Best shirts for business travel

Apollo Dress Shirt

Atmos Base Layer

Ministry of Supply – Born out of MIT, this company has taken a more advanced approach to designing dress shirts and apparel than your standard company. From infrared thermal analysis, to utilizing NASA heat regulation technology, these aren’t your average shirts. The Apollo Dress Shirt uses PCM(Phase Change Materials) to absorb heat away from your skin when you’re hot and give back heat when your cold.

So the next time you’re traveling, and you miss that flight, or have to run to catch the last taxi, and you can feel your temperature rising, don’t worry this shirt will help you out. Vice versa, the next time you’re freezing your butt off in some cold board room because your boss is cheap and won’t turn up the heat, hopefully you’ll be getting some heat back.


Knowroaming – Knowroaming is supposed to take the guess work and trouble out of traveling with a smartphone and having to deal with roaming charges. I’m sure we have all heard the horror stories of roaming charges such as the $10,000.00 in charges as reported in the WSJ. Well I haven’t tried it yet, but I was thinking about buying an unlocked gold iPhone5s, and I have a feeling that this may be one of the 1st apps I’ll add.

Men’s wool sweaters

Patagonia Alpiniste Sweater

“Originally, the Alpiniste sweater was a reinvention of the hearty, boiled-wool sweaters favored for a century by Chamonix guides: The wool provided warmth even when wet and the dense knit kept out much of the wind. For the original Alpiniste, we gave the soft, heavy-gauge merino wool a twist before knitting, and brushed the inside to provide extra loft and warmth. That design was so successful we’ve found it hard to improve on, so we’ve kept the reincarnation faithful to the original, with a faux-leather tab to finish the quarter-zip opening, a cozy stand-up collar and a zippered chest pocket.”

Men’s Navigator Merino Wool Zip Neck

After looking at the Dale of Norway sweaters, I started noticing other cool men’s wool sweaters that weren’t quite as expensive but still looked great.  Up top there is the sweater by Patagonia which is part of their Legacy collection, and below is one from Woolrich that almost has the same style but 100.00 cheaper. Either one would be a great choice for a wool travel sweater if you’re going some where a little cooler, or even just hanging out around the house.

Best camera for international travel?


What’s the best camera for international travel?

I was looking up some new cameras, and ran across this great review at Gear Patrol of 6 great options. One of the best points they bring up in terms of the advantages of the new mirrorless cameras is the great almost DSLR quality, but compact size which is perfect for the world traveler. Click here to read their full article