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Best Vietnamese coffee

Anyone who loves pho, probably has tried Vietnamese coffee as well, and can vouch for how good it is. I was just reading about Norwegian coffee and how to make it when it reminded me of how much I like Vietnamese coffee.

As I get older I’ve started to like my coffee more and more just black, but I still love it all dressed up too. So Monday through friday I tend to just drink plain coffee out of a french press, but on the weekends I look forward to something a little more special, which this definitely is.

Oh and just an extra tip that I’ll share with y’all, Nutella and a little sweetened condensed milk makes a great combo.

Best Fall Hike Colorado – Maroon Bells Hike

Maroon Bells Photo take September 19, 2013 by Jeremy Swanson


Maroon Bells Hike/ Crater Lake. Well that’s what everybody says about this place on TripAdvisor. This is on my bucket list for 2014, so hopefully I can get this knocked out, and get a real update before it gets too late or cold in the season.

If anyone else has been here recently let me know what you thought.

Best Empanadas in Denver- Maria Empanada

Maria empanadaNew-Fast-Casual-Restaurant-Concept-Where-The-Empanada-Is-The-Star MariaEmpanada_Coffee_Denver_680_340_85_s_c1


I recently had the good fortune of running across the best empanada bakery in Denver which is Maria Empanada. I’ve previously had the empanadas at Buenos Aires Pizzeria and I can tell you hands down this place absolutely blows them out of the water in regards to atmosphere as well as taste.

After I tried half a dozen of the different options as well as some of their freshly squeezed oranges I was in heaven. The next day at work I was literally daydreaming about which option to get next time or whether to just get the same thing since it was so good.

I am definitely looking forward to my next couple of trips back to Maria Empanada‘s, I still need to try the coffee as well as the tartas, and tortillas. So if you ever are looking for the best place for lunch near wash park check this place out!

1298 South Broadway Avenue, Denver, CO 80210 | 303-934-2221 

Cellphone Charger

When you’re traveling or on the go and you forgot your cellphone charger, this chargekey is right there to help. Available for android and iPhone. Probably on of the best most durable micro cellphone chargers available.


Best Snorkel 2014

Easybreath Snorkel

New snorkel design for 2014, unlike anything else you’ve probably tried. You can now breath naturally through both your mouth and nose without feeling stuffy. I doubt we’ll be seeing hardcore divers switching masks anytime soon, but for the casual snorkeler taking in the sights, this is definitely an interesting concept. Although after looking at the design and how it fits around ones nose, I can’t help but wonder if it doesn’t restrict your field of view a bit when looking around. If anyone gets to try one before I do, I want a full review! If it’s better than the ones I listed for 2013.. See my 2013 list, let me know.

Valenki Felt Boots- That’s Russian for warm!

Valenki 1


Valenki Style Boots

Valenki Felt Boots

Felt Boots

Valenki Felt Boots

Valenki Felt boots are synonymous with Russia, and Winter, and staying warm. Eskimos and Canadians have there Muklucks, which I’ve previously wrote about, but not to be outdone, the Russians have their Valenki’s. Valenki boots are supposed to be based off of the boots worn by Asian Nomads 1500 years ago, so there is plenty of history to go with these boots.  If you’re interested in the full run down, check out this “Russiapedia” post. Or if you’d like to see how they’re made check out this article by yahoo on a factory in Belarus Like all things Russian, when it comes to staying warm or making boots, they’re pretty serious about it, and they don’t look too bad either. Lastly, according to one source, due to the electrostatic energy that’s built up by walking in wool boots barefoot, they’re supposed to help the circulation in your feet, and maybe even help with hangovers according to Peter the Great! I’m not sure about all that, but it can’t hurt to try them.