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Hanging Lake

Hanging Lake

Hanging Lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in Colorado. Looking for a great hike to get out of the city?  look no further, about 3 hours from Denver, this hike is definitely worth the drive. Anyone who’s interested in going should read the definitive guide on this hike over at . And since you’ll be close to Glenwood Springs you can always check out the hot-springs afterwards to relax. If you’re a Denverite and  heading back to the city, on your way make sure to stop and refuel at Annapurna restaurant in Vail, which has the best Nepali/ Indian food in Colorado.



Below is my personal list of places to eat, and things to do.

Unser Racing – fast go-karts, ping pong tables, pool tables, mini-bowling, food and bar.

Punch Bowl Social –  BOWLING |  DARTS | BILLIARDS | MARBLES | PING PONG | SHUFFLE BOARD | VINTAGE ARCADE GAMES.. Lot’s of food and Drinks (Tender Belly Pork Shoulder Frito® Pie) this was awesome!!

Blitz Paintball – Erie Colorado is not too far from Denver, Which is where this field is located.

Aviation Extreme – Flight simulator that allows you and up to 5 of your friends to go head to head in air combat with their simulator.

The Source –  An artisan food market. I love the coffee here. I think I’ve had the best Cheeseburger in Denver here at the Acorn. Oh and if you stop my make sure to try the chocolate cake(moelleux au chocolat) at Babettes.

Elvis Cinemas – Cheap 3 dollar movies that haven’t hit dvd but aren’t in the regular movie theater.

The Fresh Fish Co – This place is pretty straight forward, if you like fish and need a break from sushi, then this is the place in Colorado. It’s previously been voted best seafood in Denver 4 years in a row back in 2008 – 2011.

The Cajun Asian – Crawfish, shrimp, crab and lobster.. if you like cajun and asian food then this if the place to go. I’ve tried Yabby Hut, and the Crawling crab, but I like this place better, especially their frog legs and dynamite mussels.

Voodoo Doughnut – Best doughnuts in Denver nuff said. Krispy Kreme, Dunkin, and Winchells don’t have jack on this place. try it… I dare you!

Cliff Jumping – Paradise cove is the spot in the summer, this isn’t exactly near Denver, but I thought I’d mention it since it’s almost summer.

Chowder Room – The Chowder room has some awesome Chowder and a great atmosphere.

Cholon – Absolutely you have to try the pork belly buns, and the Soup Dumplings, you can try the rest of the menu but get ready to shell out the big bucks.

Miyako Ra-men – Uncle ramen? Domo? Nah.. So far I haven’t had a better Ramen bowl than at Miyako Ra-men.

Vincenza’s –  Great Italian bakery and pasta

Los Cabos – Best Peruvian in Denver. The Lomo Saltado, and the Ceviche are my favorite.


Every time I go somewhere new and try something I personally would vouch for, I’ll update this list of Fun things to do on Denver 


Best Fall Hike Colorado – Maroon Bells Hike

Maroon Bells Photo take September 19, 2013 by Jeremy Swanson


Maroon Bells Hike/ Crater Lake. Well that’s what everybody says about this place on TripAdvisor. This is on my bucket list for 2014, so hopefully I can get this knocked out, and get a real update before it gets too late or cold in the season.

If anyone else has been here recently let me know what you thought.

Best Empanadas in Denver- Maria Empanada

Maria empanadaNew-Fast-Casual-Restaurant-Concept-Where-The-Empanada-Is-The-Star MariaEmpanada_Coffee_Denver_680_340_85_s_c1


I recently had the good fortune of running across the best empanada bakery in Denver which is Maria Empanada. I’ve previously had the empanadas at Buenos Aires Pizzeria and I can tell you hands down this place absolutely blows them out of the water in regards to atmosphere as well as taste.

After I tried half a dozen of the different options as well as some of their freshly squeezed oranges I was in heaven. The next day at work I was literally daydreaming about which option to get next time or whether to just get the same thing since it was so good.

I am definitely looking forward to my next couple of trips back to Maria Empanada‘s, I still need to try the coffee as well as the tartas, and tortillas. So if you ever are looking for the best place for lunch near wash park check this place out!

1298 South Broadway Avenue, Denver, CO 80210 | 303-934-2221 

Trip of the day – Travel to Russia


Siberian Hotels

Only in Russia

Travel to Russia is definitely high on my list of places to go. I recently ran across the blog 56th parallel, and have to say that they do a very fine job of marketing Siberia and Russia as a travel location. I was practically ready to pack my bags after looking at their blog. They seriously have some fun looking activities like racing horse drawn sleds in the winter, their famous Russian saunas, Siberian ice swimming.. okay maybe not so much on that last option.

56th Parallel does paint a great picture of travel to Russia though. They also provide a lot of great information. For instance after reading about Lake Baikal, I found out that apparently there are over 80,000 Baikal Seals their and it’s baffling to scientists because it’s a freshwater lake that’s completely landlocked. You can thank me later for that bit of trivia info. Anyways if you’re interested in killing some time be sure to check out the blog, and if you end of going to Siberia, let me know if it’s as good as they make it look.


Trip of the day St.Louis, MO

St. Louis Arch

Pappy’s BBQ.. the best bbq I’ve ever had

The Hill.. An Italian neighborhood in St. Louis MO

Bailey’s Range: PB&J Burger

St. Louis Mo – I recently had the good fortune of being sent on a business trip to St. Louis… okay maybe not exactly good fortune because I was hoping to be sent somewhere with a beach, but it actually turned out to be pretty fun. First night in I went and explored the downtown area and ran across Bailey’s Range. I ordered the PB&J with fries with the house cheddar sauce, with a sundae of brownie chunk and pistachio. Definitely have to say, that not only did it meet, but it far exceeded my expectations by a long shot. Granted I was hungry but I ate there 3 times total while I was visiting and I got the pistachio brownie chuck sundae all three times just in case you were wondering… it was that good!

Speaking of good, that reminds me of Pappy’s BBQ as well. Everyone we talked to said for BBQ that was the place to check out, and I’m sure glad we did. There was a huge line there and we had heard before hand that you need to get there not too late because once they run out of meat for the day you’re out of luck. Well we got there in just the nick of time, and even with the long line it moved really smoothly, and before long I was enjoying a half rack of ribs and sweet potato fries with baked beans. Sometimes places with all the hype just can’t live up to it, but that wasn’t the case here at all. Myself and the 3 co-workers I went with all agreed that it was a definite winner and we went back a second time because it was so good.

Now the other place that we had heard alot about was the Hill in St. Louis which is their Italian neighborhood. Driving through it there were a ton of cool little deli shops and restaurants. Now here is where we struck out. We all heard about the great Italian food so we really had high hopes, but we tried Rigazzi’s and also Guido’s Pizzeria and I’ve had better pizza from a microwave than at Rigazzi’s and Guido’s wasn’t bad, but just wasn’t anything to right home about either.

Anyways I don’t think I’d plan on moving there anytime soon, but I know if I’m stopping by or driving through St. Louis I’ll definitely stop by Pappy’s or Bailey’s Range if I get a chance. Also, St Louis is known for all its free entertainment and and you can check out a list of the top 15 free attractions here.