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Best Vietnamese coffee

Anyone who loves pho, probably has tried Vietnamese coffee as well, and can vouch for how good it is. I was just reading about Norwegian coffee and how to make it when it reminded me of how much I like Vietnamese coffee.

As I get older I’ve started to like my coffee more and more just black, but I still love it all dressed up too. So Monday through friday I tend to just drink plain coffee out of a french press, but on the weekends I look forward to something a little more special, which this definitely is.

Oh and just an extra tip that I’ll share with y’all, Nutella and a little sweetened condensed milk makes a great combo.

Jay Paul Apodaca – Perseus and Medusa

Perseus and Medusa By Jay Paul Apodaca


Jay Paul Apodaca

Another Piece by my favorite artist, the amazing Jay Paul Apodaca. “Perseus and Medusa” after looking at his recent work like the “Boxer” and and after seeing this new work of art, it’s no wonder that this artist has collectors from around the globe clamoring for his art.

Jay Paul Apodaca



Jay Paul Apodaca

Artist, Husband, Father, Son, Entrepreneur, Lover, Sculptor, Traveler, High-end Audio and motorcycle enthusiast… TheĀ Benvenuto Cellini of our time.

If there is one artist that I’d like to have paint me or my family before I die, it’d be this man. He can look at a picture and pull out colors that you can’t even imagine, and make the art come to life.



Twitching in your sleep

Have you ever been just on the verge of falling asleep and a massive twitch or a “hypnic jerk” as they’re called, almost made you fall out of your seat and you had to look around to make sure nobody saw? I distinctly remember waking myself up with one that practically felt like a seizure while taking a nap in my car at work on a hot summer day during a lunch break. When I woke up I looked two cars over and there was a coworker trying to stifle a laugh but not doing a very good job. This isn’t exactly travel related except that it always seems to happen to me in public like on an airplane or in an airport… no bueno! Anyway’s I just read this article on the science behind it and thought I’d share it.