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Estwing Black Eagle

Estwing Axe– For all you campers looking for tools that are still made in America this is for you. If you check the amazon estwing axe reviews you’ll notice it gets a 4.7 out of 5 stars with a total of 150+ reviews. When I was younger my friends dad had one of the smaller estwing hatchets, and I can say from personal experience that the first thing you notice is how good it feels in your hand, and the fact that its blade is a lot thinner than your average axe due to the forged handle. That thinness in no way seems to make it less durable but definitely makes it cut really deep into whatever kind of wood you happen to be cutting. On the flip side, with it being a thinner blade it’s not quite as good for splitting. The number one gripe from people after reading through the reviews seems to be the leather handle and the blade not always coming as sharp as possible. So easiest fix, is to stick to the rubber handles, and learn how to properly sharpen an axe or knife , or if you just gravitate towards the leather handle make sure to read this link on some great maintenance advice. If you happen to need some help in the sharpening dept, make sure to look at Carter Cutlery’s sharpening videos on youtube.. he’s been known to shave with a spoon. 


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