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Just got done investigating some more boots for all you travelers looking for a seriously serious boot. Previously I had posted about the Grunten boots by Hanwag. Today it’s Limmer boots. Using my deductive reasoning abilities, and gear finding skills aka google here’s the 411… A little background on the company and it’s founder is in order first. The Founder of the company is  Peter Limmer Sr. Peter Sr’s father made footwear in the town of Peterskirchen Germany, Peter Sr also got in to the shoe business and received his master shoe builders certificate in 1921, the family moved to the USA in 1925 near Boston MA, moved again to New Hampshire in 1950 and now the company has cranked out quality custom handmade boots ever since under the name of Peter Limmer & Sons. Now the only catch is that the handmade custom boots can take 6 weeks to make, and cost roughly 625.00. The good news however, is you can also get the stock boot, which is almost the same quality minus the custom part for only 363.00 for their heaviest duty boot, the “Standard” at One more thing to know if you’re curious like me. The Limmer standard boot is not actually made in New Hampshire like the custom, but is made under an agreement with Meindl which is located in the city of Kirchanschöring in the state of Bavaria in the country of Germany. By the way Meindl makes pretty awesome looking boots in their own right, which is to be assumed if they’re making the Limmer boots that pretty much have their own cult following. Finally if you’re wondering how these boots stack up on the trail here’s a link to 14 reviews that pretty much spell out how great these boots really are. The only complaint I happened to notice was a long break in period, and the fact that they are a little heavy, but then again that should be expected if you’re talking about a product that’s built to last a lifetime and protect your feet.

How to buy a set of Limmer boots

Beginning April 1,2007 Limmer Boot, Inc. became the exclusive mail-order source for all of the Limmer Brand of production footwear, and accessories! The staff at Limmer Boot, Inc. is very well qualified to serve our customer’s needs with over 35 years of “in store” and mail order fitting experience. It is our goal to serve our customers with absolutely the highest quality products and customer service possible. We at Limmer Boot, Inc. invite your inquiries by telephone, e-mail, or mail:

Limmer Boot Inc
231 Butter Hill Road
Chatham NH 03813 USA
Not a retail location
For retail location, see information below for Peter Limmer and Sons, Inc

Peter Limmer and Sons, Inc., located in Intervale, New Hampshire continues to be the source for the legendary Limmer Custom fitted hiking boot. They are also the exclusive “in store” dealer for the production Limmer line of footwear, and accessories. Peter Limmer and Sons, Inc. also offers a complete repair service on all Limmer products, as well as other, “all leather”, footwear brands. Repairs are performed by highly skilled, experienced staff. Please contact the store for details on Custom, and repair services:

Peter Limmer and Sons, Inc.
P.O.B. 88
Intervale, N.H., 03845

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