Mukluks- That’s Canadian for warm


Today I was walking with a pretty young lady and she was wearing some pretty funny looking boots which made me think of these pretty cool boots. Mukluks are the Eskimo version of moccasins. Formerly aboriginal people from the Arctic regions would make these kinds of boots out of sealskin or reindeer hide. When describing these I think Flo-Rida said it best “Boots with the fur.” And guys don’t think they are just for women. They have some pretty manly options like moosehide and coyote fur (it doesn’t get too much manlier than that). That said pretty lady told me today that I must be thinking in songs so it’s only fitting that I point out that both Nancy Sinatra and Jessica Simpson depending on which generation you’re from had it right in describing these also, “These boots are made for walking” Especially if it’s cold or snowing out! So if you’re looking for something more fun to wear or if say you have a birthday coming up this would be a perfect gift. I mean if my birthday was right around the corner I know I wouldn’t mind getting a pair of these to go stomping around the snow in (I would definitely opt for the coyote fur non pom-pom version).  


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