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Multi-Tools – A while back I lost my Leatherman Wave and have been looking for a good replacement. Prior to that I also had a Leatherman PST that I also lost. At this point I’m almost afraid to get another one just because I know I’ll probably lose it, but in any case I’ve been looking at all the new ones that are available. I’ve read a lot of reviews on Amazon. I always try to read the worst reviews and then the average reviews to get the best idea of what to expect. The crazy thing, is no matter what brand, on the worst reviews someone has experienced some kind of major flaw, like the pliers snapping off, the Phillips head breaking, or on the one handed models I was reading about the pliers getting stuck and making it non-operable. Now on the other hand, it does seem like 80% of the people are also happy with whatever brand they end up choosing. I also know that in my own experience that I never had a single problem other than actually not being able to find it. Well after all that, and looking at all the new ones, I think I’ll probably just end up getting another Wave Muli-Tool. I personally just think it’s got the best mix for me of not being too huge and chunky, has all the tools I want i.e.  file and saw, and if I buy it somewhere like REI, if it breaks I’ll just take it back and get another one due to their great 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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