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Best Vietnamese coffee

Anyone who loves pho, probably has tried Vietnamese coffee as well, and can vouch for how good it is. I was just reading about Norwegian coffee and how to make it when it reminded me of how much I like Vietnamese coffee.

As I get older I’ve started to like my coffee more and more just black, but I still love it all dressed up too. So Monday through friday I tend to just drink plain coffee out of a french press, but on the weekends I look forward to something a little more special, which this definitely is.

Oh and just an extra tip that I’ll share with y’all, Nutella and a little sweetened condensed milk makes a great combo.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao-Tzu


Since every journey starts with a single step, I try to get my journeys and adventures started off on the right foot… With Coffee! Trung Nguyen Premium is a Vietnamese blend that has a great flavor. After reading about the coffee and trying it recently, I think I know what the difference is. To start it is a dark roast, but compared to traditional methods they use a lower temperature over a longer period off time. Secondly they use a “butter oil” in the roasting process and it has an added flavor of cocoa which is very subtle but in my opinion makes the difference in how great this coffee tastes. If you’re looking for something different give this a try. Amazon.com carries it and if you have a local Asian mart they will probably have it too, but at a much cheaper price.