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Trip of the day – Cyprus

Cyprus beach

Nissi Beach / Agia Napa (Aya Napa), Cyprus.

Cyprus Riots 2013 (Reuters)

Cyprus – With Cyprus being in the spotlight right now due to the issues with their banking sector, everyone is thinking of the bailout problems and such… Me? I’m thinking about waiting till some of the dust settles and making that my next vacation spot. Cyprus is the third largest island in theĀ Mediterranean besides Sicily and Sardinia. I’ve been to Sardinia and absolutely loved the beaches there, so if the beaches in Cyprus are half as good, then count me in. Plus Cyprus has always been on my list of places to go, so depending on how things end up over there, it definitely might be next. And who knows, if things don’t turn around, then I can always start my austerity vacation package tours where you can get your picture taken on the front lines of a riot with moped helmet and gas mask included.