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Cheap winter gloves 2013/2014

Flylow Ridge leather gloves

Flylow “Oven Mitt” leather mitten

Upslope Glove made with goat leather

Cheap good quality leather winter gloves.

Sounds like a paradox, but with Flylow Gloves/ Mittens, they make it happen, you can get cheap (40.00) leather ski gloves that’ll keep you dry (handbaked with snowseal) and warm (Heatrac insulation) all with out breaking the bank. When it’s time to step-up, and stop being a scrooge, they also have their Upslope glove which is made with tough as nails goatskin and a bit more insulation.


And if you’re like me and never heard about Flylow, now you know. They apparently are right from my own back yard here in Colorado, which probably explains why they are so awesome. Their philosophy is simple, “..for the skiers who spend their days at resorts or in the backcountry and want gear that offers durability, comfort, performance, affordability, and style.” I can’t wait to take a look at more of their products in the near future.