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Hanging Lake

Hanging Lake

Hanging Lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in Colorado. Looking for a great hike to get out of the city?  look no further, about 3 hours from Denver, this hike is definitely worth the drive. Anyone who’s interested in going should read the definitive guide on this hike over at http://dayhikesneardenver.com/hanging-lake-colorado/ . And since you’ll be close to Glenwood Springs you can always check out the hot-springs afterwards to relax. If you’re a Denverite and  heading back to the city, on your way make sure to stop and refuel at Annapurna restaurant in Vail, which has the best Nepali/ Indian food in Colorado.


Sony Cyber-Shot

Sony Cyber- Shot, When it comes to traveling with a camera, especially internationally, the main goal is quality pictures with minimum weight.

Personally I recently made the mistake of only taking a camera phone with me on a hike with an extremely gorgeous girl to Hanging Lake over this past summer. It wasn’t an international trip, but it was extra fun and after looking back at the pictures I was extremely disappointed because up close they were fine, but add just a little distance to the mix, and the camera couldn’t do that pretty Nepalese girl justice. That’s when I started kicking myself because I had recently bought the RX100, and it seems to be the perfect mix of quality versus compactness, I mean I can throw it in my back pocket and almost forget it’s there. Anyways next time I’ll hopefully remember it, or maybe if I’m luck by next time I’ll have upgraded to the RX1R 🙂

P.S. here’s a link some other great cameras for travel http://sherlockroams.com/outdoor-and-travel-gear/best-camera-international-travel/