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Best Watches 2013 – Magrette

best watches 2013

Magrette Moana Pacific

best watches 2013


Best watches 2013 – A while back I was looking for a new watch, and noticed this company, Magrette Timepieces. They are out of Auckland New Zealand. This company makes some very nice watches at a great value. They are not the cheapest timepieces available, but when you consider that each one is part of a limited edition run, and they only use some of most reliable and proven components in the design and assembly, that and the fact that they only use mechanical movements, speaks to the uniqueness. Personally, I can’t really see spending 5000+ dollars on a ¬†great watch that everybody and their grandpappy has, when you can pick one of these up for only 575.00 including shipping and know that the chances of you and your co-worker wearing the same watch is slim to none. On top of all that, these weren’t made to just sit in a safe, these were designed to be worn everyday, and have some great features listed below.

Matt finished ceramic bezel

Pressure escape valve for enhanced diving

Brushed/polished case finish

Double domed sapphire crystal

C3 Super Luminova hands and dial

Water-resistant to 500m/1650ft

Currently they are taking preorders for about a May 2013 availability… PREORDERS¬†