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Swedish Fire Torch

Swedish Torch

Swedish Fire Torch with multiple cuts

Cooking with a Swedish Torch



Swedish Fire Torch – When it comes to campfires, bigger isn’t always better, especially if you’re trying to just heat up some water or do a little cooking. Swedish Torch, Swedish Candle, there are a couple of different names for it, but if you’re looking for a relatively easy way to start a fire and a way to hold a small pot for cooking, then this is a great method. Some people use a chainsaw to make two or more cross cuts on a log, others just use an ax, and split a log into fourths, and then there is the variation like the one in the above video where you can just use multiple smaller branches to contain the tinder. Either way, when it comes to camping or traveling, it’s always good to know more than one way to do something and that is especially true when it comes to making a decent fire.