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Zamberlan Boots

Zamberlan Nuvolao NW Boot

Zamberlan Boots – A while back I was at REI looking at some new hiking boots and these Zamberlan Nuvolao boots caught my eye. I was initially looking at the Asolo and Scarpa boots, but these just spoke to me and called my name. Probably it was the full leather construction, leather lined inside, and the Norwegian welted soles that really stood out,  or maybe that they’re made in Italy, whatever it was they felt really great on my feet and they looked awesome. In fact they look so nice you’d almost be afraid to hike in them. If you read the Zamberlan boot reviews on the REI page one guy said it perfectly, “Don’t even look down man just keep on trucking.Every time you hit something you imagine a cow in Italy crying.” I haven’t pulled the trigger yet on getting these because after my recent reviews of the Hanwag boots , and the Limmer Boots, I’m kind of torn on which ones to get. I never understood how girls could have a whole closet full of shoes and spend hundreds of dollars on fancy designer shoes until now, now I feel their pain. If it were up to me I’d just buy a different pair of boots for every day of the week so I didn’t have to choose, and I got to try every boot out there.