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Ecco Hiking Boots

ECCO Biom Hiking boot 1.1 W

ECCO Hiking boot– I was just haunting one of my favorite places in the city.. AKA REI, and I noticed this boot. I decided to try it on, and have to say it felt really good. Pretty much like there would be no break in period but at the same time sturdy enough to provide support. The other thing I was looking for in a boot that these had, was an all leather lining. The only downside for me was paying 260.00 for a boot that is made in China, when there are Italian made boots on sale for half as much, such as the Zamberlan 308 Trekker RRĀ . Me being the frugal(cheap) person that I am, I went with the Zamberlans due to the cost and a great fit as well, but given the proper fundage, I’d have picked these ECCO hiking boots up in a heartbeat too. I mean come on, they’re made with yak hide. Speaking of Yak leather, I just read that it has 3x the tensile strength of cow hide so less can be used without sacrificing durability.