Best travel backpack in the world?

Berghaus Jalan II


Oakley Backpack

What is the best travel backpack in the world in your opinion for traveling? I just read this article talking about the Berghaus Jalan II at . Personally I just came back from a month in Spain where all I used was an old medium sized Oakley bag and it worked pretty good. The main thing I loved about it, is that it doesn’t have a frame so it’s easy to fold up and squish into the overhead compartment in planes.. speaking of that, on this last trip I didn’t have to check my bag once, and it was by far the best experience I’ve had travel wise, not having to wait or wonder if my bag was going to show up in the baggage claim. My friend took a larger bag and did have to check his, so technically I guess I did have to wait, but even he said after watching me just breeze through all the gates and terminals and no waiting that he would go that route next time as well if he could manage to pack light enough.

So if you happen to have a favorite bag or know of a better one that you have your eye on be sure and let me know!



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