Trip of the day – Travel to Russia


Siberian Hotels

Only in Russia

Travel to Russia is definitely high on my list of places to go. I recently ran across the blog 56th parallel, and have to say that they do a very fine job of marketing Siberia and Russia as a travel location. I was practically ready to pack my bags after looking at their blog. They seriously have some fun looking activities like racing horse drawn sleds in the winter, their famous Russian saunas, Siberian ice swimming.. okay maybe not so much on that last option.

56th Parallel does paint a great picture of travel to Russia though. They also provide a lot of great information. For instance after reading about Lake Baikal, I found out that apparently there are over 80,000 Baikal Seals their and it’s baffling to scientists because it’s a freshwater lake that’s completely landlocked. You can thank me later for that bit of trivia info. Anyways if you’re interested in killing some time be sure to check out the blog, and if you end of going to Siberia, let me know if it’s as good as they make it look.


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