Trip of the Day- Geneva Switzerland

After reading about the Motor Show in Geneva Switzerland today, and after I got done cleaning up the drool from looking at all the new cars, I was doing some research on the town itself, and I have to say that I think this is definitely another city to add to my places to see. Honestly I think Switzerland as a whole is going to be added. I mean it has castles, art galleries, great food, they speak French… oh wait that might be a bad thing. Joking aside, if you speak English, German or French you should be fine there. Here’s a good link to 10 places to see or things to do while visiting.  by Lara Nuchowicz. Also, as a disclaimer some of the pictures in the gallery by David Freeman are so good, I had to post copies of what it looks like in reality. The guy definitely has the ability to take the ordinary and make it look extraordinary. With that kind of mastery he could probably make me look almost handsome. One last thing, the Patek Philippe Watch Museum is located in Geneva as well, so if you happen to like watches like I do make sure to stop by.

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