Trip of the day – Silo City Rocks Buffalo NY

Silo City Buffalo NY

Silo City Rocks – Rock Climbing Center

Silo City kayak tours by BFLO Harbor Kayak

City of Night Festival 2012

Silo City Buffalo NY – I recently saw a cool article over at about a project to turn old grain silos into a rock climbing center in Buffalo NY. By far one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen in a while. Make sure to check out their Indiegogo fundraising video which gives a great summary of what they’re trying to do by revitalizing the whole area. On the homepage they mention that they wanted to turn this into an experience or place to go “do things”, not just another area to go “buy things”. After doing a little more research it turns out not only do you have the Silo City Rocks Climbing area, but there are also kayak tours of the riverfront area by BFLO Harbor Kayak , arts and music festivals like the City of Night festival they had in 2012, and the upcoming Silo City Boom Days that’s coming up in April 2013. I really hope they get all the funding they need because this is an awesome cause.

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